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By R. A. Salvatore

ISBN-10: 0345454294

ISBN-13: 9780345454294

Years have handed because the nice miracle atop Mount Aida--a miracle often called the Covenant of Avelyn. Corona is a unique position. Avelyn is ready to be increased to sainthood by way of the very church that after proclaimed him a heretic. And King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon--the outlaw hero of the Demon War--to develop into his queen.

Jilseponie is torn. she will by no means love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced. yet she can't deny that she has emotions for the clever and kindly king. and he or she might achieve this a lot strong at his aspect . . .

Yet danger looms, one Jilseponie might by no means have expected. For the kid that she misplaced by no means died--as she believes--but used to be stolen away by way of the queen of the elves. Raised in mystery via the queen, he has grown to be a headstrong boy who indicates each promise of being as expert within the arts of wrestle as his father sooner than him, and as strong with the gemstone magic as his mother.

They referred to as him Aydrian.

Aydrian: a boy raised to be a weapon. A boy who hasn't ever identified the affection of a human mom. A boy so hungry for reputation and the sound of his identify on human tongues that he'll pay any cost for an opportunity to wrest immortality from an uncaring world.

Aydrian: a boy on a collision path with future!

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Tactical Notes 46 Yulgor is not only belligerent—he’s roaring drunk. This has made him even more aggressive in combat than normal, at the same time making him less interested in self-defense. Round 1: When confronted, the bugbear lunges from his chair and swings it at the offending character. This is an improvised weapon that counts as a greatclub (1d10 points of bludgeoning damage, –4 penalty on attack roll). He doesn’t use Power Attack, since it is an impulsive move (and he can’t afford additional attack penalties).

There you must spend 24 hours in prayer and meditation. Cost: 40,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Bones of Li-Peng). WIELDER REQUIREMENTS Monks benefit most from the Bones of Li-Peng, but any character proficient with the nunchaku might find the weapon’s abilities useful. Bones of Li-Peng Wielder Requirements 34 Wisdom 13 Base attack bonus +2 Abilities Master’s grace +2 — +2 nunchaku — — +2 defending nunchaku +2 defending holy nunchaku — Student of the master — +3 defending holy nunchaku — +4 defending holy nunchaku Master’s grace +6 Oneness of balance +5 defending holy nunchaku Balance 6 ranks Any nonchaotic alignment LEGACY ITEM ABILITIES All the following are legacy item abilities of the Bones of Li-Peng.

When the two Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Bright Evening Star; parted, Eldarniel gave Alenea Bright Evening Star. He Cost 1,500 gp; Weight —. At will, by uttering a command word, you can use light as the spell. Caster told her their love would last as long as the moonlight level 2nd. and the stars. Alenea wore the ring constantly, but Omen: Although the ring fits any hand, nonelves she seldom called upon its powers. Because she rarely have always reported the loop feels a bit loose or tight. used it and almost never spoke of it, Bright Evening Star goes unmentioned in many stories about AleElves find it sizes perfectly.

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