Art of Attack in Chess by Ladimir Vukovic PDF

By Ladimir Vukovic

ISBN-10: 1857444000

ISBN-13: 9781857444001

One of the best chess books ever written, now within the revised algebraic version. the writer expounds either the fundamental rules and the main advanced different types of assault at the king.

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An unexpected reply. The rook takes up an ambush position. �c5 64 f3 ':'f4 65 �e3 ':'f6 66 �e4 ':'e6+ 67 �f5 Black resigns Clarke-Smyslov Hastings 1968/9 White's pawns are weakened. Black transposes into a pawn ending, 42 Vasily Smyslov: Endgame Virtuoso after calculating precisely the conse­ quences of the rook exchanges. By attacking this pawn, he forces Black to weaken the b6 square. 35 l:te8+ 36 l:te3 If 36 �d I l:txd2+ 37 �xd2 l:te4 3 8 l:tO �f6 with advantage to Black. 36 l:txe3+! 37 fxe3 l:txd2+ 38 �xd2 �h6 39 �c3 �h5 40 �b4 �xh4 White resigns The h-pawn promotes to a queen when the white a-pawn is at a7.

1 xd4 he had prepared 48 ':'xd4 l:lxd4 49 �c5 ':'xg4 50 ':'xb7+ �f6 51 ':'a7 ':'f4 52 ':'a2 ':'0 53 ':'b2 and then 54 �xc6, setting up two connected passed pawns. 47 ... b5 An attempt to complicate the situation. If now 48 cxb5 cxb5 49 �xb5 ':' 1 xd4 etc. chances. 49... bxc4 50 bxc4 ':'d5+ 51 �b4 ':'bl+ 52 �c3 ':'cl+ 53 �d3! Successfully avoiding the drawing variations that arise after 53 �b3, for example: 53 ... d7 54 ':'xc6 ':'b7+ 55 �a2 ':'c2+ 56 �a3 ':'c 1 with a repetition of moves. d7 54 ':'xc6 e5 This move is the idea of Black's counterplay: a pair of rooks is exchanged, as well as some pawns.

LiJxf4+ SI gxf4 �xf7 52 :b7+ �f8 Play has gone into a rook ending. �e8 was more tenacious, when there would have followed 53 :b6! �f7 (53 ... :a4 54 �e6 �f8 55 f5 gxf5 56 �f6 :a8 57 e6 f4 58 :b5 and White wins) 54 :f6+ �g7 5 5 :c6! �f7 (55 ... :d8+ 56 :d6 :a8 57 :d7+ �f8 58 e6! �e8 59 �e5 l:a5+ 60 l:d5 l:a4 61 f5 gxf5 62 �f6 l:xh4 63 e7 and wins) 56 l:c7+ �e8 57 �d6 ! l:a6+ 58 l:c6) 58 e6 l:b6+ 59 l:c6 l:b8 60 l:c5 �f8 6 1 �e5 l:b4 62 f5 ! gxf5 63 �f6 and wins. l:a6+ 55 �e5 l:a5+ 56 �f6 l:f5+ 57 �xg6 l:xf4 58 l:f7+ l:xf7 59 exf7.

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