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By Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit Amazon's James Wyatt Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, James Wyatt,

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Heroes must be ready for something, this means that having the perfect guns and kit to be had perpetually. The well-stocked pages of this ebook carry a powerful stock of item to get you into and out of all demeanour of hassle, including:A caravanload of apparatus, alternate items, alchemical goods, poisons, mounts, and automobiles. Over 230 magic guns and armors, reminiscent of the flameshroud awl, lance of the endless cost, and vampire hunter armor. Over one hundred twenty five magic goods, together with new artifacts, corresponding to elixir armor, earrings of the hive brain, the ghost rod, and the bag of unending caltrops. principles for automobile strive against on land, sea, and air. inside those pages, gamers and Dungeon Masters will locate what they should outfit their characters for almost each contingency.To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s guide and the Dungeon Master’s consultant. A participant wishes basically the Player’s guide.

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Cloak, Forester’s: Woven from several pieces of green and brown canvas, these large ponchos aid anyone trying to hide in a forest environment. qxd 1/10/03 12:50 PM Page 36 CHAPTER 2: ADVENTURING GEAR Gnome Crossbow Sight Listening Cone Wrist Sheath Forester’s Cloak Animal Training Pole 36 Desert Robes Boot Sheath DM carefully chosen colors blend in with the vegetation, and the poncho’s loose shape obscures the humanoid form. Forester’s cloaks provide a +1 circumstance bonus on Hide checks made in a forest.

6 gp–10 gp Furs and hides, rare 20 lb. 11 gp–20 gp Furs and hides, exotic 20 lb. 21 gp–50 gp Furs and hides, monstrous 20 lb. 51 gp–200+ gp Lumber, local 50 lb. 1 gp–10 gp Lumber, unusual 50 lb. 11 gp–25 gp Lumber, exotic 50 lb. 26 gp–50+ gp Paints and dyes, common 1 lb. 1 sp–1 gp Paints and dyes, unusual 1 lb. 2 gp–10 gp Paints and dyes, rare 1 lb. 11 gp–25 gp Paints and dyes, exotic 1 lb. 26 gp–50+ gp Perfume, common 1 oz. 1 sp–1 gp Perfume, unusual 1 oz. 2 gp–10 gp Perfume, rare 1 oz. 11 gp–25 gp Perfume, exotic 1 oz.

Black Unique Beer, Ale, and Mead Item Cost per Gallon Dragonbite bitter 15 gp Dwarfhead stout 30 gp Mead, elven 60 gp Golden light, 10 gp gnome Thudrud, goblin 2 gp Pulsch brown ale 8 gp Unique Wines Item Cost per Bottle Frostwine 40 gp Aleeian wine, 100 gp elven Garnet wine, 90 gp dwarven Mushroom 20–135 gp wine Spiderblood, 150 gp drow Unique Spirits Item Cost per Bottle Frenzywater 15 gp Moondrop, 220 gp elven Kragg, orc 30 gp bizarre process involving fresh dew and moonlight. ) Mushroom Wine: Created by several different species that live below ground, there are many types of this wine.

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Arms and Equipment Guide (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying Accessory) by Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit Amazon's James Wyatt Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, James Wyatt,

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