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By Dick Morris

AT STAKE: the way forward for AMERICA
The 2016 election is really America's Armageddon—the final and decisive conflict to save lots of the US, a struggle to defeat Hillary Clinton and the forces trying to flout our constitutional govt and substitute it with an omnipotent president sponsored up through an activist judiciary that solutions to nobody. Already President Obama has moved the US a long way down this direction, and a President Clinton will act as his "third term," institutionalizing the excesses of the earlier 8 years. In Armageddon, bestselling writer and political strategist Dick Morris offers a profitable online game plan to take again the White condominium, and the USA. simply because this can be our final chance:

  • Our final probability to prevent socialist uniformity, corruption and government usurpation
  • Our final probability to diminish welfare courses which are destroying the industrial and social cloth of the nation
  • Our final likelihood to safe our border and retain our sovereignty
  • Our...
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    If you are born black or Latino, if you are a single mother, LGBT, or under 35, you are part of the Obama Party. And now he seeks to make it the Hillary Party. For 20 years, our politics have revolved around the pursuit of the swing voters. But it won’t work today. There aren’t enough of them. They’ve become an endangered species. Once our GOP candidates obsessively pursued moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats, chasing down every last one and tempering their views to appeal to the center, but we cannot do that anymore.

    It’s inevitable. If elected, Hillary Clinton will sink us further into the same death spiral of soaring taxes and expanding welfare that has doomed welfare states from Greece to Detroit. And President Hillary would flex her muscles to show the world just how tough she is, and start a war to prove it. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency is bad enough. But to confront it after eight years of steady erosion of our freedoms, economic liberty, incomes, national prestige, rule of law, and fiscal integrity, would be cataclysmic.

    But we’ve had enough of him in his two destructive terms, haven’t we? Here’s the problem: He won’t really go away if Hillary is elected because his harebrained policies will happily live on in Hillary’s priorities. In a few short months, Hillary Clinton could be sitting in the Oval Office following the Obama playbook he will carefully leave behind for her. That’s one big reason why the thought of a Hillary presidency is a frightening one—so frightening, in fact, that it becomes nothing less than a virtual call to arms, a summons to join the ultimate crusade to save America and stop Hillary Clinton.

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