New PDF release: Anonymous Communication Networks: Protecting Privacy on the

By Dakshina Ranjan Kisku; Phalguni Gupta; Jamuna Kanta Sing

ISBN-10: 143988157X

ISBN-13: 9781439881576

ISBN-10: 143988160X

ISBN-13: 9781439881606

ISBN-10: 1466582421

ISBN-13: 9781466582422

''Preface the individuality of the physiological and behavioral features of people is used to facilitate the identity or verification approach, and it usually leads to right category. even if, the precise evidences bought from someone don't warrantly a a hundred% matching to be played to the biometric features akin to one other topic, even after contemplating all Read more...

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Z are random secret permutations from {1, 2, . . , k} to {1, 2, . . , k}. 3. De-grouping cj,i = c′j,α,β where i = k(α − 1) + β Shuffling of Aj is verified by Aj+1 before it starts its own shuffling using the following equation. logg (a′j,α,1 /aj,α,β ) = logy (b′j,α,1 /bj,α,β ) ∨ logg (a′j,α,2 /aj,α,β ) = logy (b′j,α,2 /bj,α,β ) ∨ ... ∨ logg (a′j,α,k /aj,α,β ) = logy (b′j,α,k /bj,α,β ) for α = 1, 2, . . , z and β = 1, 2, . . 7) using existing zero knowledge proof techniques is denoted as GCV (grouped correctness verification).

14) with a probability larger than 2−L , then there is an identical permutation from D(cj,1 ), D(cj,2 ), . . , D(cj,k ) to D(c′j,1 ), D(c′j,2 ), . . , D(c′j,k ) for j = 0, 1, . . , n/k. To prove Theorem 5, Lemma 4, Lemma 5, Lemma 6 and Lemma 7 are needed. Lemma 4, Lemma 5, Lemma 6 in this paper are Lemma 1, Lemma 4, Lemma 5 respectively in [90] while Lemma 7 in this paper is Theorem 1 in [90]. Their proof is not repeated here. Lemma 4 If given random integers si from {0, 1, . . , 2L − 1} for i = 1, 2, .

If a hash function imitating a random oracle is used to generate the challenge, it can be transferred into a non-interactive proof. The non-interactive protocol is denoted as CV (correctness verification) in the rest of this thesis. 1 It is proved in Theorem 1 that CV is enough for the correctness verification. Definition 1 Aj (cj−1,µ , cj,ν ) = 1 means Aj can efficiently calculate rj,ν satisfying aj,ν = g rj,ν aj−1,µ and bj,ν = y rj,ν bj−1,µ . Theorem 1 If the shuffling by Aj is incorrect, CV can be satisfied with a probability no more than 1/q without collusion of all the previous j − 1 servers and at least two users, assuming DL problem is intractable.

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