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By Kathleen Kuiper

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Echoes of old Roman suggestions of governance, legislations, and society nonetheless ring during the global at the present time. A stranger to neither conflict nor wealth, old Rome was once formed as a lot via strife because it was once via prosperity. the growth of the Roman Empire used to be buoyed via this cultures tendency to embody traditions of its newly assimilated peoples, making Rome a cradle of never-ending and enduring chances. The heritage of a very good empire is stated during this sweeping quantity.

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This victory, by giving the Romans undisputed command of the sea, rendered certain the ultimate fall of the Punic strongholds in Sicily. The Carthaginians accordingly opened negotiations and consented to a peace by which they ceded Sicily and the Lipari Islands to Rome and paid an indemnity of 3,200 talents. The protracted nature of the war and the repeated loss of ships resulted in an enormous loss of life and resources on both sides. Between the First and Second Punic Wars (241–218 BC) The loss of naval supremacy not only deprived the Carthaginians of their predominance in the western Mediterranean but exposed their overseas empire to disintegration under renewed attacks by Rome.

Henceforth, each year the people were to decide whether to elect two patrician consuls or military tribunes with consular power who could be patricians or plebeians. The list of magistrates for 444 to 367 BC shows that the chief magistracy alternated between consuls and military tribunes. Consuls were more frequently elected down to 426 but rarely thereafter. At first there were three military tribunes, but the number increased to four in 426, and to six in 406. The consular tribunate was abolished in 367 BC and replaced by the consulship.

Ancient sources state that Rome initially borrowed hoplite tactics from the Etruscans (used during the sixth or fifth centuries BC) but later adopted the manipular system of the Samnites, probably as a result of Samnite success at this time. The manipular formation resembled a checkerboard pattern, in which solid squares of soldiers were separated by empty square spaces. It was far more flexible than the solidly massed hoplite formation, allowing the army to maneuver better on rugged terrain. The system was retained throughout the republic and into the empire.

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