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Historical Rome masterfully synthesizes the huge interval from the second one millennium BCE to the 6th century CE, sporting readers during the succession of fateful steps and agonizing crises that marked Roman evolution from an early village payment to the capital of a unprecedented realm extending from northern Britain to the deserts of Arabia. a number of world-famous figures come to existence in those pages, together with Alexander the good, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Augustus, Livia, Cicero, Nero, Hadrian, Diocletian, Constantine, Justinian, and Theodora. packed with chilling narratives of violence, lust, and political expediency, this ebook not just describes empire-shaping political and armed forces occasions but additionally treats social and cultural advancements as quintessential to Roman background. William E. Dunstan highlights such key issues because the actual setting, ladies, legislation, the jobs of slaves and freedmen, the plight of unprivileged loose humans, the composition and tool of the ruling category, schooling, renowned leisure, nutrition and garments, marriage and divorce, intercourse, demise and burial, finance and exchange, clinical and scientific achievements, non secular associations and practices, and creative and literary masterpieces. All readers attracted to the classical international will locate this a desirable and compelling background.

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Nero’s original policy was to disallow trivial trials altogether, and two cases, involving a charge of support for Britannicus, are expressly reported to have been rejected in Nero’s first year, presumably by the consuls in the knowledge that the Emperor would approve. a charges at the start of their reigns, namely that the evil of such trials lay not so much in the punishment that sometimes resulted from them as in the acceptance of the charges. Such trials licensed slander, treachery and malice on the part of the accusers and encouraged feelings of paranoia on the part of the ruler.

This oration was delivered in Greek in AD 67, two years after Seneca’s death, and was probably composed by the Emperor himself. 15 Similarly, Nero is likely to have composed the oration he delivered at the funeral of his wife in 65 as well as his last political speech – an appeal to the people, presumably in Latin, written just before he fled Rome. 16 Yet Nero’s energies went mainly into the study of poetry, music (singing and playing the cithara), painting, sculpture and chariot-racing. 19 After becoming Princeps, Nero applied himself to these pursuits with even greater zeal.

Though such a notion can scarcely be taken as typical of Roman rulers, it is not so far from the ancient conception of the work of government as it is from ours. Not only was the giving of games part of what the Roman people traditionally expected, first from its Republican magistrates, then from its principes; not only was less expected of ancient than of modern government in the way of grand policy-making and zealous administration;45 the ruler was actually expected to exercise a moral influence, particularly by his own example.

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