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Two trolls escorting three hill, two stone, or two frost giants. Four trolls with 4d4 gnolls (armed). Drow fighter/magic-user (F7/M7) with 2d4 wererats. 5. Community Quarters: In this large area are housed the following fire giants: a “sergeant” (hp 88), three other males (hp 80,78,74), six females (hp 71, 67, 63,59,55,54) and eight young (hp 67,64,59,51,46,42,36,31). There are two large beds, five cots, seven bunks, two large cabinets, two tables, four chairs, four stools, three buckets, four chests, six hampers, a crate, and three small boxes here and there.

Each has a club, and there are also eleven boulders in the place. The room is torch-lit and contains four cots, four stools, four lockers, a table, a big barrel of beer, and pegs holding clothing and four sacks. A haunch of meat is on the table along with various mugs and platters of tin. Each giant has ld4 X 1,000 gp and 3d4 gems (worth 100 gp each). 4. Storage Room: This area has been cleaned out to serve as quarters for either five hill giants (hp 68,59,56,55,53) armed with clubs, or the hill giant Chief (hp 96, AC 2; fights as a frost giant), his wife (hp 61; fights as a male hill giant), and one or two cave bears (hp 43 for the Chief‘s bear, 35 for his wife‘s) if they survived events at the Steading.

Six hell hounds (two of 6 Hit Dice, two of 5 HD, and two of 4 HD; hp 33,30,25,22,18,17) roam the outer hall. The walls here are set with torched cressets and draped with crude tapestries. There are six chairs and two benches along the walls, among which are interspersed three tables--each with a keg of ale, beer, or mead and drinking vessels of horn or leather at hand. Eight normal shields and eight normal swords decorate bare patches on the walls. A step up just at the pillar of reddish stone ends the forehall and marks the entry to the chamber proper.

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