Robert A. Dahl's After the Revolution?: Authority in a Good Society, Revised PDF

By Robert A. Dahl

ISBN-10: 0300049641

ISBN-13: 9780300049640

During this ebook, one of many world's such a lot exotic political scientists discusses the issues, strengths, and weaknesses of democracy as a style of selection making for contemporary governments. Robert A. Dahl examines the rules on which the authority of democratic executive rests, the query of who "the humans" could be within the notion of "rule through the people," and the types of democracy that healthy assorted occasions. In a brand new bankruptcy Dahl recognizes the significance of market-oriented economies to democratic associations yet advises newly democratic governments to undertake a process during which unregulated markets are changed by means of a specific amount of governmental intervention.

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If there is little difference among the alternatives before the association, you do not have much to gain from participating and might reasonably prefer to put in your time on something else.  Of course, if you do not have a vote or if the voting is rigged, then your participation is worth even less.  The converse of this is perhaps more relevant: the more likely it is that the outcome will be satisfactory to you without your involvement, the less time it is worth giving up in order to participate.

To break out of the circle, let me formulate the question this way: who should be entitled to participate in the government of a democratic association?  Let me try to make clear what it is.  Well, why not?  Athenians are Athenians, Corinthians are Corinthians, and Greeks are Greeks.  Controversies over what particular aggregate of human beings properly constitutes "a people" for political purposes constantly surface here and there all over the globe: in the Soviet Union, North Ireland, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, among Israelis and Palestinians (and among Israelis themselves), Punjabis and other Indians, Muslims in Mindanao and other Filipinos, and so on.

For the state and other regulatory associations, then, one may reasonably opt for political equality and at the same time a system of Mutual Guarantees that limit what simple majorities, or even any coalition short of unanimity, can do.  Consequently, it would be folly to think that a single mass­produced model stamped out according to eternal patterns can possibly fit all the kinds of associations we need in order to cope with our extraordinarily complex world. Page 45 Chapter Two— Varieties of Democratic Authority Although democracy may not be the only acceptable form of decision making, it is one of the most important, if only because (I have argued) it is the best form for that most powerful of associations, the state.

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