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Although thermal mass transfer printers are more complex, they are inexpensive and can provide higher-quality images than direct thermal printers. They are useful in harsh industrial environments and ideal for on-site Page 34 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2006 Developments in Specialty Papers Selected specialty grades 3 barcode printing. They allow colour printing. The image remains stable and unaffected by UV light or temperature. They allow the use of plain paper and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The topcoat prevents the adhesive from adhering to the facing surface of the label as it is wound onto a roll. Direct thermal media are well suited to liner-less labels as the image is formed under the transparent protective coating. There are several advantages to liner-less labels: ᮣ Eliminating the liner means more labels in a given roll diameter, which is useful on portable printers; ᮣ There is no backing tape to discard or rewind; ᮣ The release coating also protects against moisture, heat and UV light.

Abaca fibre provides strength, as it is a long fibre of 12–16gsm. The manufacturing process involves dispersing abaca fibre in water. The long abaca fibres tend to cling to each other. They are wet-laid onto a wire grid, and they cling to each other mechanically when they are dry. PP fibre is added to the wood pulp and abaca mix; it acts as a binder for hot melting the edges of the bags when welding them shut. The product is supplied as non-woven roll goods to converters who undertake the tea filling.

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