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An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, designated talents, descriptiosn and random come upon tables.

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Acid if Graz’zt strikes with a natural 2 0 on his to-hit die roll. The other weapon Graz’zt uses is a + I guisarme. In addition to his other attacks, Graz‘zt can, at will, use the following spell-like powers, 1 per melee round, at the 20th level: alterrealityfor another, chaos, continual darkness, disintegrate once per day, dispel magic, duo-dimension, emotion, magic missile ( 5 missiles), mirror image, polymorph any object once per day, polymorph twice per day. polymorph self, read languages, read magic, telekinese 15,000 gp weight, teleport, trap the soul once per week, vanish, veilonce per day, water breathing.

Otherwise, sleep persistsfor 2-8 hoursor until thechasme drains the victim's blood for 1-4 points of damage. Chasme can be struck by normal weapons, but poison does not affect them. If hard pressed, a chasmewill attempt togate in another of its kind(l5%chance of success). Their small heads are set squarely upon their shoulders. Their hair is sparse and bristly, ears are lopped and stick out, eyes are slanted downward and the nose appearssquashed. The mouth is slackand slobbering with many small fangs.

Spell or be affected as if touched by a ray of enfeeblement spell. Gaze range is 20 feet. Furthermore, alu-demons with high dexterity gain bonuses as would a normal human. Twenty-five percent of alu-demons are of genius level. While most of thesecreaturesareable toperform the limited numberof spell-like magic powers below, those of genius intelligence are actual magic-users. Magic use level ranges from 1st through 12th with equal probabilities for each. Magic use is in addition to intrinsic powers.

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