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By Garth Nix

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Orannis the Destroyer has been freed And merely Lirael, newly come into her inheritance because the Abhorsen-in-Waiting, has any probability of forestalling it. She and her partners -- Sam, the Disreputable puppy, and Mogget -- need to take that opportunity. If Orannis's unspeakable powers are unleashed, it's going to suggest the tip of all existence. With the aid of her partners and a imaginative and prescient from the Clayr to lead her, Lirael needs to seek in either existence and demise for a few ability to defeat the Destroyer -- earlier than it's too overdue. . . .

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The pipes were vibrating, sending out a low hum that Sam was desperately trying to stifle. Lirael had her own arm pressed along the bell-bandoleer, to try to still the bells. The Dog stood between the pool of white fire and Lirael, but it was not the Dog as Lirael knew her. She still had a dog shape, but the collar of Charter marks was gone and she was once more a creature of intense darkness outlined with silver fire. The Dog looked back and opened her mouth. ” boomed a voice that was the Dog’s and yet not the Dog’s, for it penetrated Lirael’s ears and sent sharp pains coursing through her jaw.

The Dog dropped down, Sam finished adjusting the straps on his pack and they set off along the brick path. As the front door shut behind them, Lirael turned back and saw that every window was crowded with sendings. Hundreds of them, pressed close together against the glass, so their hooded robes looked like the skin of some giant creature, their faintly glowing hands like many eyes. They did not wave or move at all, but Lirael had the uncomfortable feeling that they were saying goodbye. As if they did not expect to see this particular Abhorsen-in-Waiting return.

The Charter seemed to suddenly... ” “It was her coming,” said the Dog. “It is her fate, that her knowing self will be for ever outside what she chose to make, the Charter that her unknowing self is part of. Yet she stayed her hand when she could so easily have taken you to her embrace. I do not know why, or what it may mean. I believed her to be past any interest in the things of this world, and so I thought to pass here unscathed. Yet when ancient forces stir, many things are woken. I should have guessed it would be so.

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