A manual on vegetable seed production in Bangladesh by M. A. Rashid, D. P. Singh PDF

By M. A. Rashid, D. P. Singh

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M. to 8:00 A. M. in crops like cucumber, pumpkin and watermelon etc. There are other cucurbits which flower later in the day and fruits set at higher temperature of mid day as in bottle gourd etc. Monoecious condition in cucurbits imposes a situation conducive to cross-pollination, however, a limited percentage (20-40%) of natural self-pollination takes place within the same plant. The andromonoecious condition favours a higher degree of natural self-pollination than in the monoecious condition.

Then the seeds are to be washed with water in troughs. Seed Drying The washed seeds should be dried quickly. For this, trays with screen wire or burlap bottoms may be used. The seeds are spread on trays and placed in the shade and gradually to sun to dry and continued upto a moisture level of 7 percent. Frequent turning of seeds will ensure uniform drying. Seeds may be dried more rapidly in a drier or dehydrator employing artificial heat and forced air circulation for large quantity. Seed should be dried carefully at a temperature not exceeding 38-42°C.

Longum : Long pepper, with drooping enlongated pungent fruit. Grossum : Bell or sweet pepper having large, puffy fruit with a depression at the base and usually furrowed sides. The fruit is red or yellow with a mild flavor. Based on taxonomic and genetic studies, Heiser and Smith (1953) included all the types and varieties mentioned above under C. annuum and listed the pungent variety Tabasco, together with some other uncommon varieties, as belonging tofrutescens. Floral Biology and Pollination Habit Chilli flower is normally solitary but occasionally borne in small cymes of leaf axils.

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