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By Aaron Summerscale

ISBN-10: 1857445198

ISBN-13: 9781857445190

Bored with the standard openings? nervous approximately having to benefit an excessive amount of conception? Then this booklet will come as a godsend. Aaron Summerscale provides a collection of awfully harmful starting guns for White. each one urged line is predicated on an outstanding positional origin, but additionally provides long term (and short-term!) attacking possibilities. the diversities aren't simply effortless to profit and play, yet additionally they set Black advanced problems.

* A queen's pawn repertoire in line with speedy piece development
* finds many deadly attacking rules and traps
* gains the mythical '150' and Barry Attacks

For this new version, the publishers enlisted assistance from hotshot beginning author Sverre Johnsen, who has up-to-date the assurance the place worthy, whereas conserving the spirit, appeal and goals of Summerscale's unique paintings. The killer repertoire is still effortless to profit, and is now extra harmful than ever!

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Black has been on the ropes for a while - something was bound to give. 25•••l:txc6 25 ... tDxc6 26 tDg4+ or 25 ... bxc6 26 tDg4. 26~xe5 Black's days are numbered. He is too passive and White's minor pieces are giants. ~f5 27 g4 ~e6 28 tDds+ rJ;h6 Forced in view of the impending check on e7. l:tc4 35 l:th2+. 35 tDe7 l:te8 36 tDf5+ ~g6 37 tDxh4+ rJ;xf6 38 ~h5+ 1-0 39 3 Game 4 Reti - Rubinstein Karlsbad 1923 1 tDfJ d5 2 c4 d4 3 g3 (D) The most conservative of the thirdmove options. White ftrst sees to his kingside pieces before deciding how to undermine Black's centre and (usually) expand on the queenside.

Cxd5, retaining the symmetry and ensuring more of a presence in the centre.

10 dxe4 lOxe4 loses to 11 lOb4. e6, when Black's artificial set-up is ready to be undermined. 10 exd5! cxd5 11 d4! e4 12 lOg5 and Black's position is already beginning to creak, for example 12... 0-0 (12... xd5 14 lOxe4! e8 15 "bl! Rabinovich, USSR Ch 1924. lOxd5 171Ogxe4 (17 lOxd5 "xg5) 17... a3?! f8 improves) 20 1i'd2 "f8 21 b4! abl lOb6 (22 ... b31Oc4 24 "d3 a5 (after 24 ... xf6 1-0. Wc7 91Obd2 0-0-0 is another unusual choice which cannot really be recommended. deS 12 :tcl h5 13 lOd4! e7 19 e4!

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