Charles Kitchin, Lew Counts's A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers, 2nd PDF

By Charles Kitchin, Lew Counts

ISBN-10: 0138896011

ISBN-13: 9780138896010

ISBN-10: 0916550206

ISBN-13: 9780916550202

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A preamp section comprised of Q1 and Q2 provides additional gain up front. Feedback through the Q1-A1R1 loop and the Q2-A2-R2 loop maintains a constant collector current through the input devices Q1 and Q2, thereby impressing the input voltage across the external gain setting resistor, RG. This creates a differential gain from the inputs to the A1/A2 outputs given by G = (R1 + R2)/RG + 1. The unity gain subtractor, A3, removes any common-mode signal, yielding a singleended output referred to the REF pin potential.

Frequency 3-12 Chapter IV MONOLITHIC DIFFERENCE AMPLIFIERS Difference (Subtractor) Amplifier Products Monolithic difference amplifiers are a special category of in-amps that are usually designed to be used in applications in which large dc or ac common-mode voltages are present. This includes automotive applications, such as current sensing, battery cell voltage monitors, and motor control. For this reason, difference amplifiers usually include very large value, on-chip resistor networks. The use of large value precision resistors, which are sometimes several hundred thousand ohms, offers excellent input protection at the expense of a higher overall noise level.

AD8202 Simplified Schematic 4-2 A2 RF RCM The AD8205 is a single-supply difference amplifier that uses a unique architecture to accurately amplify small differential current shunt voltages in the presence of rapidly changing common-mode voltages. It is offered in both packaged and die form. In typical applications, the AD8205 is used to measure current by amplifying the voltage across a current shunt placed across the inputs. 2%. This accuracy is guaranteed over the operating temperature range of –40C to +125C.

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