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By Joe Gallagher

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Strategies in accordance with checkmate rules opposed to the enemy king come to a decision a wide percentage of chess video games, so it will be important to be alert to those percentages after they ensue. Joe Gallagher presents 365 checkmate puzzles to assist readers sharpen their abilities. In every one place, the duty is to discover how to strength a straight forward win. The subject is often checkmate: both the enemy king perishes, or can merely be stored at a decisive price in fabric. Joe Gallagher is preferably certified to write down in this topic. all through his profession, he has been specifically feared for his attacking skill and tactical talents. The puzzles, such a lot of that have by no means sooner than been released, are grouped into different types, beginning with more straightforward positions and dealing as much as more challenging ones. complete options are given, and the entire positions were rigorously checked for substitute ideas and for soundness of the particular resolution.

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132; solution: see p. 151) 122 White to play Black has been under severe pressure and hoped to gain some respite by attacking the white queen. It is, however, now mate in four. (Hint: see p. 132; solution: see p. 152) 123 White to play White has a powerful attacking position even if, at first glance, Black seems to have weathered the initial stonn. But White soon put him out of his misery. How? (Hint: see p. 132; solution: see p. 152) 49 50 365 WAYS TO CHECKMATE 124 Black to play White is behind on material but would retain some practical chances if it were not for the fact that it's mate in four!

146) Seul - Van der Weide Essen 2000 LEVEL 2 33 PUZZLES 73 Black to play Russian grandmaster Vladimir Epishin has just played the risky-looking capture liJxd6, calculating that after 1•• JthS+ 2 ~g4 he has everything under control. What did he overlook? (Hint: see p. 130; solution: see p. a a a, a _Amu _a0_aza ___ _ a~a a D~ ~a a a 0 a a a:a Epishin - Korobov Ohrid Ech 2001 74 White to play Lazaro Bruzon may be one of the most talented young grandmasters in the world but he has just made a serious tactical blunder ( ...

131; solution: see p. 149) 42 365 WAYS TO CHECKMATE 100 White to play Black is completely tied down and has a seriously weakened kingside to boot. How did White quickly finish him off? (Hint: see p. 131; solution: see p. 149) 101 White to play Black has sacrificed a rook and a piece for a massive attack and now threatens both the white queen and mate on c2. White played 1 and resigned after Black's next move. What was it? As an extra question, can you see a better move for White here? (Hint: see p.

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