101 Winning Chess Strategies by Angus Dunnington PDF

By Angus Dunnington

ISBN-10: 1901983226

ISBN-13: 9781901983227

With out technique, a chess online game is simply a chain of tactical tips. an outstanding method binds jointly the strategies, and permits a participant to make methodical development in the direction of victory.This booklet makes definite you'll by no means be in need of successful suggestions. Angus Dunnington makes use of his a long time of chess enjoying and coaching to supply an arsenal of principles that may be hired in lots of different types of place. those plans were confirmed in lots of grandmaster video games, so that you should be yes that through the use of them your online game might be soundly established.

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Excellent d 17 p oints and above····································� Goo 1 2 p oints······· ······· ······ ······· ·····························�Pass mark Ifyou scored less than 12 points, we recommend that you read the chapter again and repeat the exercises which you got wrong. 41 ( - . PTE R.. / The Advance Variation White - the French Defence How should you study an opening? In this chapter we shall use a method which I call 'Follow my leader'. You choose yourself a 'leader', a strong chess player who plays the said opening very well and successfully, and you study his games.

B2 �e7 9 ... Bareev, Moscow 1 995. g4 lLlh6 is another alternative. h4!? Diagram 4-7 7 White wants to play g4 and chase away the knight. g4 at once, then Black replies 1 o . lLlh4. h5 8 . �d7!? was played in the game Sveshnikov - Ooroshkevich; see Ex. 4-8. �d3 Now the exchange on f5 gains i n strength, because the g5-square has been weakened. lDc3 axb4? lDxd5 �a5 1 4 .. ±. ltlxe7 b3t Black cannot profit from the discovered check, but other moves are no better either: a) 1 5 ... bxa3t?? Vl1d2 :!!

E l ! and next the white king will clear the way for his pawn. 6 5 4 3 2 l . aSt! 1 a b c d e Flank attack I f g = h The flank attack saves Black! l . �d2? +-. Once more the bridging method! Wd6 l3a6t! l3a8? l3a 1 ! Wc7+-. A typical winning method! Wd5 l3a5t! Wc6 l3a6t! l3e6=. 6... J3b8t For flank attacks it is very important that the distance between the black rook and the pawn consists of at least three files. If the distance is smaller, the attack will be ineffective, as we shall soon see. �d6 gbs Or 3 ...

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