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2003; Pashos 2000). In patrilateral systems, the investment in sons and grandsons appears to be superimposed upon the universal matrilineality of kin investment. Significance of grandparents. Grandparental investment developed in evolutionary history because this help was necessary for the offspring’s survival. In modern societies, there is an institutional infrastructure that supports parents with their childcare. Is the role of the helping family therefore dispensable nowadays? C&H correctly conclude that the positive effect of grandparental investment in Western societies should especially be seen with regard to “softer dimensions,” such as cognitive and verbal skills during child development and emotional support.

5). ’s “hardworking Hadza grandmothers” (Hawkes et al. 1989) produce food that is transferred to their daughters’ households to enhance grandchild growth and development? These crucial sorts of investment could be measured in a variety of ways, such as carefully tracking data on actual transfers or through time allocation data (time diaries or direct observation). These measures are particularly important because they more accurately gauge the exact kinds of benefits from grandparents to offspring and their likely effects.

However, the indirect investments grandparents make in industrialized societies do make a tremendous difference in the likelihood of their children and grandchildren surviving and reproducing. , Department of Health and Human Services) that create and maintain the relatively low fertility, low mortality conditions under which their children and grandchildren live. Although it is difficult to measure the impact indirect grandparental investments have on classic measures of fitness in contemporary industrialized societies, I would argue that their impact is very substantial.

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