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Qxd 20/2/07 11:14 am Page 51 51 Spam is a luncheon meat used as a filling for sandwiches. At a Spam-cooking contest, one contestant made Spam-chip cookies! In Canada, deep-fried cod tongues are a popular dish. The street markets of Indonesia sell whole, smoked bats. McDonald’s in Hong Kong sells a sweetcorn pie in a sweet pie crust, the same as the apple pies in the west. An international contest to find the best recipe for cooking earthworms included entries of stews, salads and soups but was won by a recipe for applesauce surprise cake.

If too much wax builds up in your ears, a doctor can soften it and then scoop it out with a special spoon called a curette. Danish astronomer Tyco Brahe wore a metal nose because his own fell off after he suffered from the disease syphilis. ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 Sometimes, if a person’s eye comes out of its socket in an accident and dangles on their cheek, they can push it back in with no lasting ill effects – don’t try it at home! 7 litres (3 pints) of urine a day. 5 times its dry length.

In the Philippines, the eyes are considered the tastiest part of a steamed fish. Suck out the gloop and spit out the hard cornea. Fried chicken cartilage is served as a bar snack in Japan. Marmite, a favourite English spread for toast, is made with the left-over yeasty sludge from brewing beer. ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 Snake wine in China is a very potent alcoholic drink, spiced with juice from the gall bladder of a live snake. Horrible Food Facts Eskimos have been known to make seagull wine – put a seagull in a bottle of water, wait for it to go off – drink!

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